Our Own Pride Of Australia Medalist

It was several weeks ago now that our beloved member and legendary Cricketer Shaye Spackman collapsed during a regular and unremarkable training session. New young club member James Green was one of the first on the scene. With his first aid and St John Ambulance volunteering background James took on the situation diligently and effectively to manage the people around him but most importantly to analyse Shaye’s predicament and apply life saving first aid. James delivered chest compressions for up to 20 minutes until Ambulances arrived. There is little doubt at all that if James didn’t take the actions that he did we would be left with an absolutely devastated Spackman family and Sporting Club.

These events have directly lead to the Sporting Club’s increased recognition of the great importance of personal first aid training and general preparedness for emergency situations such as the one involving Shaye. We are now taking steps to arrange first aid training for our staff and members but also have ordered a Defibrillator as precautionary equipment – equipment that we hope we will never need to use!

Yesterday James was deservedly presented with the Pride of Australia Medal which celebrates and recognises everyday Australian’s doing outstanding things. Look out for this coming Sunday’s edition of the Sunday Times for a full write up on the event that has brought to James and Shaye a life long bond.

On behalf of the Swan Valley Sporting Club and its members we thank and congratulate you James!

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