Honour Board

The Macca Switch Memorial Awards

Presented annually to members whose deeds and contributions are worthy of acknowledgement.

Year General Sport
1994 R.Sarich T.Durnin (Football)
1995 R.Switch J.Aldridge (L/Darts)
1996 P&E.Wiggers S.Tie (Cricket)
1997 G.A.Durrant R.Ellard (Football)
1998 G&J.Hayes R.Ellard (Football)
1999 M.Spackman R.Ellard (Football)
2000 T.Switch J.Sammut (L.Soccer)
2001 E.Watson D.Zloich (Cricket)
2002 S.Zloich S.Pittaway (Cricket)
2003 N.Sumich D.Hardy (Darts)
2004 K.Vigar, M.Duff, R.Switch S.Vigar
2005 N.Worthington D.Park (Football)
2006 R.Switch & K.Vigar S.Spackman (Cricket)
2007 S.Whitfield M.Notte (Cricket)
2008 D.Doran J.Polich (Cricket)
2009 J.Notte J.Polich (Cricket)
2010 R.Fenwick D.Potts
2011 A.Stonehouse C.Pivac
2012 D.Stephens C.Schofield
2013 Chadwick Family M.Rodney
2014 M.Griffiths J.MacGill
2015 A.Thomas J.Mast
2016 T.Carrod R.Mabbs

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